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The Resilience Rising Initiative for Women in Crisis & Consequence Management is creating a network of women who share knowledge and resources and discuss best practices, and is providing support and encouragement to females as they strive for leadership roles. 

As a sponsor, your company will benefit from the following opportunities:

Visibility and Exposure - National Recognition: Your company logo will be prominently displayed on our website, LinkedIn, and related marketing materials, increasing your brand exposure to a national audience of industry & government professionals in emergency management, business continuity, disaster/crisis management, risk management, GIS, public safety, public health, transportation, and more...

Networking and Relationship Building: You will have the chance to connect and build relationships with other sponsors and members of the Resilience Rising Initiative, potentially leading to new business opportunities and partnerships. This will be accomplished by leveraging the LinkedIn group via conversations and introductions, emails blast, future events, recommendations, and promotion of the sponsors events and solutions.

Thought Leadership: You will have the opportunity to participate in discussions and contribute to the development of best practices and thought leadership. Demonstrate your company's commitment to inclusivity and position your organization as a progressive thought leader. 

Your sponsorship will help create a more diverse and inclusive crisis management industry that is better equipped to handle the complex challenges of our times. 

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