SISE-net Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise
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This Cross-Sector Virtual Exercise is designed to convene the people, and capture their processes and information they need/share for specific topics. The outcomes from the exercises will include recommendations, tools, data, and an operational playbook that can be used by crisis managers during the hurricane season and improved upon each year going forward.

Sponsor our Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise
Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 11:00 am ET to 2:00 pm ET 

Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 11:00 am ET to 2:00 pm ET 
The tabletop exercise will again draw the active participation of senior operational public and private sector stakeholders, creating exceptional sponsorship opportunities. 

Sponsoring the Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise exposes your brand, solutions, program, or research to an audience of decision-makers and influencers for months following the event and positions you as a trusted partner to the national community of resilience stakeholders.
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  • All the Benefits of Gold & Silver PLUS...
  • Speaker Introduction Opportunity
  • 30 Minute Presentation at Event
  • Branding on Session Replays for 12 Months
  • Remarks During Virtual Reception
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2022 Cross Sector TTX Exercise Highlights

Why Sponsor?

Create Awareness of Your Solution to Operational Leaders In Government

(Hurricane Impacted State & Federal Agencies)

Learn how to align your solution with multiple industry sectors 

 ■ Water
 ■ Pharma
 ■ Food 
 ■ Retail
 ■ Transportation 
 ■ Communications
 ■ Electric
 ■ Fuel
 ■ etc

Why Sponsor?

  • Participate in TTX - be a panelist / player in the TTX and help attendees understand your solution helps them prepare and respond to the scenario
  • ​Branding - Promote your company or product branding for 12 months
  • ​Development - to engage with AHC stakeholders year round to develop relationships, business opportunities, identify/validate
  • Solution Awareness – Create nationwide awareness on your solution, initiative or project to storm professionals looking for new approaches & technologies
  • ​Join the Community – Participate in a trusted community for 12 months of industry and government crisis mangers during a large scale crisis (hurricanes, regional storms, etc..)
  • Development - to engage with AHC stakeholders year round to develop relationships, business opportunities, identify/validate

Whats Included:


Sponsor Package Prices

Platinum TTX Sponsor
  • Participation as Panelist (Player) in TTX
  • Operational Directory Listing (12 months)
  • Dedicated Marketing Email
  • Participation in Working Group (12 months)
  • Dedicated Link to Sponsor Website (12 months)
  • Branding on Materials (12 months)
  • Branding on Exercise Replays (12 Months)
Gold TTX Sponsor
  • Dedicated Link to Sponsor Website (12 months)
  • Branding on Materials (12 months)
  • Branding on Exercise Replays (12 Months)


  How do I learn more about this TTX and Its Benefits ?

Visit the Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise for more information.

  What Do I need to do prepare for the TTX?

Prior to the TTX, an optional two-hour virtual education session will be held for all registrants to understand the background, purpose, areas of focus, scenario, and TTX products to be produced.

  Will a TTX AFTER ACTION Review (AAR) be provided?

Following the TTX, an optional After Action Review will be conducted to discuss finding, identify gaps, and gather recommendations for improvements. 


The exercise sessions are presented live on the ZOOM meeting platform. 

  What link do I use to Access TTX?

A Zoom link will be sent to you to join for each each TTX session.

  will I receive A COPY of the ttx playbook?

Yes, attendees will receive a public version of the TTX playbook. 

  How do I access the Replay links?

All replay links for the TTX sessions will be sent to attendees after the session ends. 


Feel free to send our team an email anytime at

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Past Attendees
Below is only a small list attendees from past annual events. 
● Alabama Emergency Management Agency
● American Logistics Aid Network
● American Red Cross
● AmerisourceBergen Corporation
● Automated Reports & Consolidated Ordering System
● Bent Ear Solutions LLC
● California Resiliency Alliance
● City and County of Denver
● County of Chester
● Currituck County
● District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
● Department of Homeland Security
● Department of Emergency and Customer Communications (DECC)
● Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
● District Department of Transportation
● District of Columbia Department of Public Works
● District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Duke Energy
● Edison Electric Institute
● Energy Marketers Association of America
● Federal Emergency Management Agency
● Governor Kay Ivey's Cabinet
● Healthcare Ready
● Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Honolulu Board of Water Supply
● Idaho National Laboratory
● Indiana Department of Homeland Security
● King County Emergency Management
● Law Enforcement Coordination Center (Department of Justice)
● Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company
● Maryland Department of Transportation
● Maryland Department of the Environment
● Maryland Emergency Management Agency
● Maryland State Highway Administration
● Michigan Department of Transportation
● The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
● Edison Electric Institute
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Carolina Emergency Management Association
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
● Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of Emergency Preparedness and Response
● Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Management Association
● Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
● Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
● South Central Pennsylvania Task Force
● StormCenter Communications, Inc.
● The Food Industry Association
● Transportation Security Administration
● United States Navy
● University of Nebraska at Omaha
● Virginia Department of Emergency Management
● Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • ​AECOM
  • ​Alabama Emergency Management Agency
  • ​Allied Universal
  • ​Allstate
  • ​Ameren Illinois
  • ​American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • ​American Gas Association
  • ​American Public Power Association
  • ​American Red Cross NHQ
  • ​American Trucking Associations
  • ​Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC
  • ​AT&T Disaster Recovery
  • ​AT&T Network Disaster Recovery/FirstNet
  • ​Atlas Oil Company
  • ​Base Logistics, LLC
  • ​BBX Capital
  • ​BGE Emergency Response
  • ​Boeing
  • ​Booz Allen Hamilton
  • ​BP
  • And 500+ more
  • ​​BP
  • ​Brookhaven National Lab
  • ​C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • ​Caltrans - California Department of Transportation
  • ​Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
  • ​CenterPoint Energy
  • ​Centurylink
  • ​Comcast Cable
  • ​ComEd
  • ​ComEd / Emergency Preparedness
  • ​Commonwealth of PA
  • ​County of Los Angeles Chief Executive Office | Emergency Management
  • ​Cox Communications
  • ​CVS Health
  • ​DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency
  • ​DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
  • ​Delaware City Refining Company
  • ​Department of Energy
  • ​Department of Homeland Security
  • ​Department of Transportation
  • And 500+ more
  • Dewberry
  • ​​Dominion Energy
  • ​​Duke Energy Emergency Management
  • ​​Dun & Bradstreet
  • ​​Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  • ​​Facebook ​​
  • ​FBI
  • ​​​​FEMA
  • ​​Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • ​Google
  • ​Hydro-Québec
  • ​Idaho National Lab
  • ​Intel Corporation
  • ​ITC Holdings Corp.
  • ​Jet  Blue
  • ​Lockheed Martin Owego
  • ​Marriott International Inc
  • ​Mayo Clinic
  • ​Safeway
  • And 500+ more

  • ​NOAA
  • ​NYU Langone Health
  • ​Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency – PEMA
  • ​Quanta Services
  • ​SAIC
  • ​SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
  • ​SHI International Corp
  • ​Siemens Industry, Inc.
  • ​Southern Company
  • ​Stripe
  • ​SunTrust
  • ​The Walt Disney Company
  • ​T-Mobile
  • ​U.S. Bank
  • ​Uber Freight
  • ​Verizon
  • ​Virginia Department of Emergency Management
  • ​Wakefern Food Corp.
  • ​Walmart
  • ​Wegmans Food Markets
  • And 500+ more

  •   Stephen, Berrick, ESDIS Project, NASA GSFC
  • ​ Mathew, Biddle, WHOI/BCO-DMO
  • ​ Jonathan, Blythe, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • ​ Reid, Boehm, Johns Hopkins University/Data Conservancy
  • ​ Ryan, Bowe, Woolpert &
  • ​ Tom, Brady, The HDF Group
  • ​ Robert, Bristol, U.S. Geological Survey
  • ​ Kaylin, Bugbee, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  •   Annie, Burgess, ESIP
  • ​ Georgia, Butcher, Institute for Defense Analyses: Science and Technology Policy Institute
  • ​ Pier Luigi, Buttigieg, Alfred Wegener Institute
  • ​ Jeffrey, Campbell, USDA/Ag Research/Nat'l Ag Library
  • ​ Simon, Cantrell, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
  • ​ Bruce, Caron, Earth Science Information Partners
  •   ..OVER 500+ 
  • ​ Joe, Adams, USGS UAS
  • ​ Simin,Ahmadi Karvigh, University of Southern California
  • ​ Jalal, Al Kiswani, University of Nevada, Reno
  • ​ Rafael, Ameller, GeoCollaborate / StormCenter
  • ​ Mary, Armstrong, SGT
  • ​ Chris, Aubrecht, European Space Agency / World Bank
  • ​ Sean, Bailey, NASA/GSFC Ocean Biology Distributed Active Archive Center
  • ​ Lori, Baker, North Putnam Community School
  • ​ Rich, Baldwin, NOAA/NCEI
  • ​ Lindsay, Barbieri, University of Vermont
  • ​ Matthew, Bartos, University of Michigan
  • ​ Walter, Baskin, NASA Langley Research Center
  • ​ Kathleen, Baynes, ESDIS Project, NASA GSFC
  • ​ Joshua, Behr, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center
  • ​ Karl, Benedict, UNM, University Libraries
  • ​ Luis, Bermudez, Open Geospatial Consortium
  •   ..OVER 500+ 
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Platinum sponsors will be able to have a industry or government client participate in the virtual TTX as a panelist.
Educate and inform influential members of AHC's trust network of your product/service. With an average live attendance of 200+ and thousands of video replays, your brand will get quality exposure to right audiences. 
Platinum sponsors will have the opportunity to participate in exercise to discuss what they do to help their industry and client prepare and respond to the scenario
Educate and inform influential members of AHC's trust network of your product/service. With an average live attendance of 200+ and thousands of video replays, your brand will get quality exposure to right audiences. 

See an example with our partner: Bent Ear Solutions 
Participation in Working Group (12 months)
Participate in weekly SISE (Sensitive Information Sharing Environment) working group calls with industry and state stakeholders. 
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