2023 SISE-net Virtual Tabletop Exercise
Thursday July 20
 11:00am - 2:00pm EST
SISE-net Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise
A cross-sector, crisis management virtual exercise to enhance operational communications, coordination, and information sharing between industry sectors and states during hurricane season.

Syncing Industry and Government  is Crisis Response

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The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) invites you to participate in the annual SISE-net Cross-Sector Virtual Tabletop Exercise on on Thursday, July 20, 2023, from 11:00 am ET to 12:00 pm E.T.

Hurricanes, as with all multiple state crises, accelerate the need and processes that industry and state/local government crisis managers use to share certain operational information faster to respond and recover from hurricane impacts and damages to communities and critical infrastructure (e.g. power, water, communications, transportation, fuel, food, medical, etc..).

Knowing the people involved, the processes they use to share operational information, and the data/information that each organization needs and can share in a safe manner is

This Cross-Sector Virtual Exercise is designed to convene the people, and capture their processes and information they need/share for specific topics. The outcomes from the exercises will include recommendations, tools, data, and an operational playbook that can be used by crisis managers during the hurricane season and improved upon each year going forward.
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The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) invites you to participate in the 2021 National ResilienceEXCH (Exchange) Virtual Summit on January 26-28, 2021.

Over the course of three half-days, several hundred participants will learn, network, and collaborate with private sector critical infrastructure partners, state emergency managers, DHS/CISA, DHS/FEMA, trade associations, academia, industry, and research groups.

STRATEGIES - Day 1 will focus on resilience issues in industry and government and strategies to address them.

INITIATIVES - Day 2 will focus on resilience initiatives and projects

TRAINING - Day 3 will focus on training and education for resilience-related solutions, innovations, and research.
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Gain a broader understanding

Know the current people

Inform your planning and response efforts

Become inovled

Discover new processes and shortcuts to enhance your operational communications, internal and external messaging, and reduce your overall financial, safety, and brand risks.
Learn how to deploy simple processes that can instantly help you plan and share information better; build trust with your internal and external partners; better manage storm-related resources and vendors, and enhance your overall management of growing storm-related costs.

Exercise Objectives

Identify opportunities to improve operational coordination and communications between nine industry sectors and government (FMSCA & States) by:​​


  - Understanding What Government and Sectors Did to Prepare for, Respond to and Recover from Hurricane IDA 2021;​
  - Using & Identifying Improvements to the Cross-Sector Operational Information Sharing Playbook;​

■ People​

  - Identifying Individuals in State EOCs, Sector Operations Departments, Trade Groups, & Federal Agency Partners who will be involved in a hurricane response;​


  - Using the Operational Information App and Executive Dashboard for trusted crowdsourcing of data;​
  - Identifying Additional SISE-net related:​
     - Data/Information Needs​
     - Data Available​
     - Data Sources​
     - Identifying systems of records (i.e., TEAMS, WebEOC, etc..)

Cross-Sector TTX Panelists

This cross-sector virtual exercise will include operational representatives from the following organizations:

■ Energy Marketers of America (EMA)

■ Food Marketing Association
■ Associated Grocers – Baton Rouge

■ Association of American Railroads
■ Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association

■ Verizon
■ Comcast

■ American Water Works Association
■ South Florida Water Management District

■ Entergy
■ Mississippi Power

Medical / Pharma
■ AmerisourceBergen

■ Waffle House
■ Walmart
■ Home Depot

■ Wells Fargo

State Emergency Operations:
■ Texas
■ Louisiana
■ Mississippi
■ Florida
■ Illinois
■ North Carolina
■ Alabama (pending)


Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)

What's the TTX Format & Schedule?

This cross-sector virtual exercise is FREE and open to any industry or government professionals involved in hurricane season preparedness, response, and recovery missions including:  

 - Registration required for all stakeholders
 - Not open to public

Format: Virtual ZOOM meeting, link to be shared only with registrants

Exercises Panelists:
 - Invited state emergency managers from TX,LA,MS,AL FL,SC,& NC
 - Invited industry operations professionals from electric, communications, transportation, fuel, food, water, healthcare/pharma, retail, etc..

Exercise Observers:
 - Registered guests and interested organizations

Pre-Exercise Education:
 - Education session on (TBD) for 2 hrs
 - For all registered stakeholders
 - Designed for Beginners new to the SISE, AHC, and the SISE-net initiative

■ LIVE Virtual Exercise:
 - LIVE virtual TTX session on Thursday, July 20, 2023 at 11:00am ET (for 3hrs)
 - For all registered stakeholders

■ Post Exercise Training:
 - TBD
 - For all registered stakeholders
 - Training on SISE-net Operational Playbook to use during future hurricanes

Who Can Attend?

This cross-sector virtual exercise is FREE and open to any registered industry or government professionals involved in hurricane season preparedness, response, and recovery missions including:  
■ Communications
■ Employee health & safety
■ Crisis management & business continuity
■ Business continuity/disaster recovery (BCDR)
■ Disaster recovery
■ Debris Removal
■ Crisis management
■ GIS and data analytics
■ Disaster management and humanitarian assistance
■ Emergency management
■ Equity, inclusion, and diversity
■ Business resilience
■ Business operations
■ Enterprise risk management
■ Supply chain operations
■ Community disaster preparedness
■ Security, risk & regulatory
■ Response and recovery coordination
■ Regulatory compliance
■ Risk mitigation
■ Energy transmission & distribution
■ Utility and facility services
■ Utility construction
■ Health, safety, security & environmental
■ Restoration/construction management
■ Insurance

What is SISE-net?

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