The AHC Sustaining Partner Program
Don't Go It Alone...
Let Us Show You How to Join A Unique Community and Have a Seat at the Table That Will Accelerate Your Access to Decision Makers and less than 30 days!

The AHC Sponsorship Program
Sponsor AHC Working Groups & Initiatives
Let a Community of Industry & Government stakeholders, who spend millions of dollars, Engage with you as They solve Infrastructure problems & produce solutions in emergency Response to Lower their Operational risks and increase resilience 

Are you interested in learning about new opportunities & building trusted relationships in industry and government?

No other organization delivers more value for one sponsorship investment.

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Weekly Live Cross Sector Collaboration
- Meet decision makers & Discover Opportunities

Become part of the AHC's collaboration engine that identifies issues and opportunities, identify possible funding streams, solutions, and partnerships to help address their issues so you can align your company with new opportunities and be introduced to potential buyers

BENEFITS include:
  • Lead Generation: Six months of active lead-generation from prospects seeking solutions in your solution segment.
  • Branding: Ongoing branding and messaging for the entire campaign period.
  • Leverage: Leverage the All Hazards Consortium’s network of 50,000 stakeholders to fill your pipeline.
  • ​Partner: Be seen as a trusted partner, not just a vendor.
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A New Program for Digital Meetings
Program Components & Descriptions
How It Works
The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) invites you to participate in the 2021 National ResilienceEXCH (Exchange) Virtual Summit on January 26-28, 2021.

Over the course of three half-days, several hundred participants will learn, network, and collaborate with private sector critical infrastructure partners, state emergency managers, DHS/CISA, DHS/FEMA, trade associations, academia, industry, and research groups.

STRATEGIES - Day 1 will focus on resilience issues in industry and government and strategies to address them.

INITIATIVES - Day 2 will focus on resilience initiatives and projects

TRAINING - Day 3 will focus on training and education for resilience-related solutions, innovations, and research.
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Our virtual price is lower than our In-person price, plus…
● You don’t have to commute!
● No parking fees
● Don’t have to dress up (or even shower!)
● No waiting in line to check in

Tuition includes:
● Access to all sessions and breakout groups
● Access to sponsored chat session
● Access to all available training materials

Private Sector: $245 ( regular $295 )
Government Employees: Complimentary
*** Early Bird Pricing Ends: December 15, 2020 ***
Government Employees: Complimentary

Sponsor a Working Group (WG) - AHC Sustaining Partner Program

Let Us Show You How to Join A Unique Community and Have a Seat at the Table That Will Accelerate Your Access to Decision Makers and Opportunities . . . in less than 30 days!

Federal, state, and local government decision-makers work closely with key critical infrastructure owners and operators to find and test new solutions. These candid results-focused meetings are usually off-limits to vendors and the media. But the All Hazards Consortium has now made it possible for responsible vendors to participate fully in all the activities of the group by becoming a working group sponsor via our Sustaining Partner Program.

Be welcomed inside the working group's circle of trust as someone who brings insights, solutions and resources that benefit everyone.

You’ll  have  access to the current working group information products and tools and be able to help shape new solutions.

Instead of being one of the many vendors that struggle to even get time with these key stakeholders, you’ll be in a position to earn their trust and respect as a problem solving partner.
sustaining PARTNER
Working GROUP Sponsorship
Billed annually.
  • Working Group Sponsorship (12 months)
  • Membership: Receive PRO Member status and all its benefits
  • People: Meet regularly with AHC working group stakeholders
  • Development: Become more than a vendor... but a trusted partner involved in the problem solving process
  • Partnerships: Develop new partnerships with working group members, trade associations, and government users
  • Engagement: Participate in weekly, monthly and quarterly calls
  • ​Briefing: Provide a brief to working group members



●  ​Access to Closed Weekly Virtually Meetings (at least 12)
● ​ ​Participation in AHC Meetings to meet new AHC industry and government stakeholders
● ​ Complimentary Registrations (4/mtg)


​● ​ Opportunity to Brief on Your Solution(s)
​● ​ Email Introductions to Aligned AHC Members
​● ​ Recognition and participation in working group breakouts and panel discussions at the ● ​ Virtual Annual Summit Meeting
​● ​ Organizational Branding (Events, Reports & Activities)
● ​ ​Access to Meeting Registration Lists
​● ​ AHC Promotes Your Webinar (1 webinar)
​● ​ Offer your solution within the SISE Appstore


​● ​ ​Participation in Use Case Development Process
​​● ​ Participate in Business Resiliency Virtual Discussion Meetings
​​● ​ AHC Appstore Access (4 PPL,12 mos.)
engage partners and customers
The AHC expands its stakeholder base with each new disaster or problem it undertakes through its working groups, committees and partnerships. Below is only a small list of new stakeholders who participated in AHC activities over the past 12 months. 
● Alabama Emergency Management Agency
● American Logistics Aid Network
● American Red Cross
● AmerisourceBergen Corporation
● Automated Reports & Consolidated Ordering System
● Bent Ear Solutions LLC
● California Resiliency Alliance
● City and County of Denver
● County of Chester
● Currituck County
● District of Columbia Fire and Emergency Medical Services Department
● Department of Homeland Security
● Department of Emergency and Customer Communications (DECC)
● Department of Homeland Security, Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency
● District Department of Transportation
● District of Columbia Department of Public Works
● District of Columbia Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Duke Energy
● Edison Electric Institute
● Energy Marketers Association of America
● Federal Emergency Management Agency
● Governor Kay Ivey's Cabinet
● Healthcare Ready
● Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
● Honolulu Board of Water Supply
● Idaho National Laboratory
● Indiana Department of Homeland Security
● King County Emergency Management
● Law Enforcement Coordination Center (Department of Justice)
● Louisville Gas and Electric Company and Kentucky Utilities Company
● Maryland Department of Transportation
● Maryland Department of the Environment
● Maryland Emergency Management Agency
● Maryland State Highway Administration
● Michigan Department of Transportation
● The National Aeronautics and Space Administration
● Edison Electric Institute
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Carolina Emergency Management Association
● North Carolina Emergency Management
● North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority
● Pennsylvania Department of Health-Bureau of Emergency Preparedness and Response
● Pennsylvania Department of Emergency Management Association
● Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
● Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission
● South Central Pennsylvania Task Force
● StormCenter Communications, Inc.
● The Food Industry Association
● Transportation Security Administration
● United States Navy
● University of Nebraska at Omaha
● Virginia Department of Emergency Management
● Virginia Office of Emergency Medical Services
  • ​AECOM
  • ​Alabama Emergency Management Agency
  • ​Allied Universal
  • ​Allstate
  • ​Ameren Illinois
  • ​American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers
  • ​American Gas Association
  • ​American Public Power Association
  • ​American Red Cross NHQ
  • ​American Trucking Associations
  • ​Asplundh Tree Expert, LLC
  • ​AT&T Disaster Recovery
  • ​AT&T Network Disaster Recovery/FirstNet
  • ​Atlas Oil Company
  • ​Base Logistics, LLC
  • ​BBX Capital
  • ​BGE Emergency Response
  • ​Boeing
  • ​Booz Allen Hamilton
  • ​BP
  • And 500+ more
  • ​​BP
  • ​Brookhaven National Lab
  • ​C&S Wholesale Grocers
  • ​Caltrans - California Department of Transportation
  • ​Carnegie Mellon University, Software Engineering Institute
  • ​CenterPoint Energy
  • ​Centurylink
  • ​Comcast Cable
  • ​ComEd
  • ​ComEd / Emergency Preparedness
  • ​Commonwealth of PA
  • ​County of Los Angeles Chief Executive Office | Emergency Management
  • ​Cox Communications
  • ​CVS Health
  • ​DHS Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Agency
  • ​DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency
  • ​Delaware City Refining Company
  • ​Department of Energy
  • ​Department of Homeland Security
  • ​Department of Transportation
  • And 500+ more
  • Dewberry
  • ​​Dominion Energy
  • ​​Duke Energy Emergency Management
  • ​​Dun & Bradstreet
  • ​​Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP)
  • ​​Facebook ​​
  • ​FBI
  • ​​​​FEMA
  • ​​Food Marketing Institute (FMI)
  • ​Google
  • ​Hydro-Québec
  • ​Idaho National Lab
  • ​Intel Corporation
  • ​ITC Holdings Corp.
  • ​Jet  Blue
  • ​Lockheed Martin Owego
  • ​Marriott International Inc
  • ​Mayo Clinic
  • ​Safeway
  • And 500+ more

  • ​NOAA
  • ​NYU Langone Health
  • ​Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency – PEMA
  • ​Quanta Services
  • ​SAIC
  • ​SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment
  • ​SHI International Corp
  • ​Siemens Industry, Inc.
  • ​Southern Company
  • ​Stripe
  • ​SunTrust
  • ​The Walt Disney Company
  • ​T-Mobile
  • ​U.S. Bank
  • ​Uber Freight
  • ​Verizon
  • ​Virginia Department of Emergency Management
  • ​Wakefern Food Corp.
  • ​Walmart
  • ​Wegmans Food Markets
  • And 500+ more

  •   Stephen, Berrick, ESDIS Project, NASA GSFC
  • ​ Mathew, Biddle, WHOI/BCO-DMO
  • ​ Jonathan, Blythe, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
  • ​ Reid, Boehm, Johns Hopkins University/Data Conservancy
  • ​ Ryan, Bowe, Woolpert &
  • ​ Tom, Brady, The HDF Group
  • ​ Robert, Bristol, U.S. Geological Survey
  • ​ Kaylin, Bugbee, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  •   Annie, Burgess, ESIP
  • ​ Georgia, Butcher, Institute for Defense Analyses: Science and Technology Policy Institute
  • ​ Pier Luigi, Buttigieg, Alfred Wegener Institute
  • ​ Jeffrey, Campbell, USDA/Ag Research/Nat'l Ag Library
  • ​ Simon, Cantrell, Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies
  • ​ Bruce, Caron, Earth Science Information Partners
  •   ..OVER 500+ 
  • ​ Joe, Adams, USGS UAS
  • ​ Simin,Ahmadi Karvigh, University of Southern California
  • ​ Jalal, Al Kiswani, University of Nevada, Reno
  • ​ Rafael, Ameller, GeoCollaborate / StormCenter
  • ​ Mary, Armstrong, SGT
  • ​ Chris, Aubrecht, European Space Agency / World Bank
  • ​ Sean, Bailey, NASA/GSFC Ocean Biology Distributed Active Archive Center
  • ​ Lori, Baker, North Putnam Community School
  • ​ Rich, Baldwin, NOAA/NCEI
  • ​ Lindsay, Barbieri, University of Vermont
  • ​ Matthew, Bartos, University of Michigan
  • ​ Walter, Baskin, NASA Langley Research Center
  • ​ Kathleen, Baynes, ESDIS Project, NASA GSFC
  • ​ Joshua, Behr, Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center
  • ​ Karl, Benedict, UNM, University Libraries
  • ​ Luis, Bermudez, Open Geospatial Consortium
  •   ..OVER 500+ 

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