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The PRO-Enterprise Program
The AHC  PRO-Enterprise Membership Program expands your access to an ever-growing pool of people, organizations, research, resources, and services to help you solve your operational issues faster today... and participate in emerging solutions for tomorrow.

Leverage the Resources and Investments of Our Trusted National Community

An annual subscription to the AHC's PRO-Enterprise Program provides  your company with a new opportunity to solve complex operational problems. Become part of a trusted nationwide problem solving community of operations professionals who share their resources and pool thier investments to develop unique solutions that reduce their risks to natural and made-made threats.
  • Trusted Community - Become part of the trusted AHC Community that will increase your confidence in the people and information you need to answer questions and solve problems quicker.
  • Problem Solving - Participate in problem solving exchanges that provide you access to new people, perspectives, information, and solutions from our unique, cross-sector environment.
  • Technology & Tools - Gain access to the unique AHC Solutions (Apps, Dashboards, Data, Services, Training, etc..) available nowhere else in the U.S.
  • ​​Support Services - Get access to AHC Support Services (technical support, operational help desk during disasters, education/training) that enhance your emergency response efforts, improve your professional skills, and broaden your understanding.
  • ​Emerging Solutions - Receive ongoing access to new solutions produced by the AHC working groups at no additional costs (PREMIUM items excluded).
  • Grant Programs - Ability to participate in certain federal or foundation grant programs involving the AHC and/or its states, companies, trade groups, or research partners.
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Components and descriptions of the AHC Sponsorship program
How the PRO Program Works
AHC Leadership
The All Hazards Consortium (AHC) invites you to participate in the 2021 National ResilienceEXCH (Exchange) Virtual Summit on January 26-28, 2021.

Over the course of three half-days, several hundred participants will learn, network, and collaborate with private sector critical infrastructure partners, state emergency managers, DHS/CISA, DHS/FEMA, trade associations, academia, industry, and research groups.

STRATEGIES - Day 1 will focus on resilience issues in industry and government and strategies to address them.

INITIATIVES - Day 2 will focus on resilience initiatives and projects

TRAINING - Day 3 will focus on training and education for resilience-related solutions, innovations, and research.
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Our virtual price is lower than our In-person price, plus…
● You don’t have to commute!
● No parking fees
● Don’t have to dress up (or even shower!)
● No waiting in line to check in

Tuition includes:
● Access to all sessions and breakout groups
● Access to sponsored chat session
● Access to all available training materials

Private Sector: $245 ( regular $295 )
Government Employees: Complimentary
*** Early Bird Pricing Ends: December 15, 2020 ***
Government Employees: Complimentary
PRO-Enterprise Program Fees & Benefits


  • Provides you with a seat at the table in the problem solving discussions via working groups and committees.
  • ​Connects you to the AHC's network of operations professionals in state government during disasters to provide you with near real-time information and feedback on what government is doing or plans to do during disasters.
  • ​Opportunities to create new relationships and partners to help you move forward faster with your objectives.
  • ​You will have the inside track on the development of new solutions that solve operational problems.
  • ​Expands your pool of trusted advisors to solve problems and share experiences and knowledge.


  • Participate in integrated planning with vetted industry and government operational stakeholders who identify and prioritize operational problems to address together.
  • Solve your complex operational problems by participating in the AHC's "use case" development process with action oriented, results focused work groups.
  • ​Get access to the unique solutions produced by the AHC working groups throughout the year.
  • ​Make your problem-solving efforts exciting and more effective by working with like minded peers with years of experience that you can leverage.
  • ​Gain a new sense of empowerment to solve more problems in the future.


  • ​Connects you to new data and information to help broaden your aperture for situational awareness and make better informed decisions.
  • ​Access the AHC Appstore of tools to address your issues in transportation, logistics, weather, and other resources needed during disasters.
  • ​Dramatically reduce your need for additional consulting and technology costs from leveraging our working groups and their exerts


  • A variety of member services that streamline processes, expedite logistics, commercialize research faster, and enhance data-driven decision making during disasters.
  • ​Access to the AHC's Virtual Help Desk to provide you with member only information and help coordinate transportation information requests during disasters.
  • ​Connects you to trusted people and information that can answer your questions or connect you to other people and sources quicker than you could find them on your own.


  • Access education and training resources to help maximize your use of the AHC and its solutions.
  • Access live and recorded sessions and information to help better understand specific issues, technologies, or solutions.
  • ​Access to the past working group meetings and problem solving videos immerse you into the AHC planning process.


  • PRO members will have early access to new solutions and be invited to test them & provide feedback.
  • ​Participate in pilot programs that test new technologies and solutions for specific use cases and provide feedback from your organizational perspective
  • ​Submit​ ideas for evaluating new technologies for the worikng groups to consider


  • Participate in federal or industry foundation grant programs where the AHC is involved (e.g. FEMA BRIC program)
  • ​Use Case and solution development grants with federal agencies (e.g. DHS CISA, FEMA)
  • ​Research partner grants for operational research on development of new information solutions, policy updates, or sector specific problem solving
What People Say About This Program
“Leveraging the public-private sector relationship help develop the trust needed to share sensitive and sometimes proprietary information between these sectors with a common goal of mutual success. For example, in 2017, the AHC’s support and coordination with 46 states was critical during our national mobilization of power restoration crews and equipment during Hurricane Harvey and helped reduce transportation delays so crews, material, and equipment could get to Puerto Rico faster and expedite the restoration process.”
Dave Vanderbloemen
Retired Director Regional Operations Center and Emergency Preparedness,
Dominion Energy Virginia

“The AHC and its SISE (Sensitive Information Sharing Environment) framework provide its users and decision makers with an advanced cockpit of tools, information, and support teams that are simply not available anywhere else. If they don’t have it, they can easily find it or work with partners to create it. It is amazing to see how fast this public/private community can solve problems with hard-to-find information, new processes and agreements they crate, and technologies their federal and industry partners provide.”

Mike Zappone, Manager Emergency Preparedness Logistics
Eversource Energy, Retired

“In my 35+ year career in the utility sector, I have never seen the private sector and government operations people work so closely together to produce real solutions to improve each other’s disaster preparedness, response and recovery efforts.”

John Shaner, Electric Sector Operations Executive, Retired
“In 2020, the AHC’s working groups and partners produced and tested over 15 prototype solutions that addressed operational problems in communications, transportation, pandemic planning, information sharing, operational policy feedback to states, PPE, and power restoration. Nowhere in the country can problems be addresses at this pace while coordinating and working with industry, state, and federal partners in a trusted environment. The solutions being produced are effective approaches to address the unique issues identified during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Richard Kildow, Director, Business Continuity & Emergency Management

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