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The AHC PRO-Enterprise Subscription Program
Join our community of Trusted Members & partners Who solve operational problems together

  • Intended for companies looking to reduce their operational risks to natural or man-made threats by leveraging the AHC member community's operational relationships in industry and government, gaining access to new unique data/tools, and benefiting from new cross sector partnerships and research. ​
  • ​Simplify your operational planning efforts with other members via mutual support, shared resources, more reliable information, and real results you can implement now.
  • ​Participate in unique, energized, and more effective planning and problem solving processes.
  • ​Expand your peer networks and reduce your technology costs
    by sharing and leveraging member community resources and new tools.
  • ​Connect to cross sector peers via working groups, get answers and information faster.
  • ​Track and help shape new emerging technologies and research. 
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The AHC Sponsorship Programs
Get Your Message Out and Enhance Your Business Development by Sponsoring at AHC Events

  • Intended for companies or organizations who have a message/solution they want to communicate/test, research to conduct, a brand they want to promote, requirements they want to develop, or business development they want to conduct with industry or government. 
  • ​Leverage our 16-year old trust network of over 50,000 stakeholders nationwide to broaden your reach quickly through our events.
  • Expose your research, product, or solutions to industry and government professionals at an event and afterwards
  • ​Generate new leads and opportunities nationally from industry or government by taking advantage of our unique digital outreach capabilities even after the event is over.
  • ​​Position your organization as a thought leader on a specific topic.
  • ​Gain feedback on your research or product development efforts from operations professionals in the field
Critical Infrastructure
Follow Along As Community Leaders Develop Innovative Solutions & Processes
Private LinkedIn Group Invitation
  • Access over 20+ of the 2020 COVID discussion recordings
  • Understand the operational impacts that COVID-19 is having on their agency, organization or sector, and the current challenges they are facing
  • Leverage key partnerships that were utilized or made, either privately or within various government entities
Let AHC Promote Your Research, Event, Webinar, Service & Solutions!

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Let AHC Promote Your Research, Event, Webinar, Service & Solutions!
Digital Media Service
  • Leverage our 16-year old trust network of over 45,000 stakeholders nationwide
  • Effective webinar design, messaging and facilitation
  • Expansive sector & industry databases
  • ​Leverage digital media outreach

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